Albanian-American Association of Cleveland - Albanian organization in Rocky River OH

Albanian-American Association of Cleveland

The Albanian-American Association of Cleveland was established in 1998. The association is a voluntary organization for the Albanian-American community and works without any benefit payment to members of Officer (practitioners of tasks).

The purpose of the Association:
1. The aim of the Association is to preserve, develop and augment the traditions of Albanian-Americans who reside in Northeast Ohio. For achieving this Association shall act in the guidelines that follow.

2. Informational and educational assistance for members of the Albanian community. Cultural development will persist through manners such as meetings and celebrations of days of national importance to Albanians. One of the objectives of cultural development will be to provide education of the Albanian language.

3. Cultural and engaging, the association will accomplish its’ directives through various tools and forms of public information such as publications (e.g. pamphlets, newsletter, etc...), radio and television, as well as free time activities (e.g. music, sports, literary readings etc…). This will all be provided with the goal to preserve and develop the spirit of our heritage.

4. Humanitarian and benevolent the Albanian-American Association of Cleveland will provide, whenever possible and necessary, moral and material support to members of its community. The Albanian-American Association of Cleveland is a community tool and is not a political organization but it has the right to support all Albanians in all their efforts that are legitimate and democratic, regardless of regional or religious affiliation.

5. Supportive and innovative the association will create the conditions for participation of young people and women. Consciously supportive of continuous improvement and development of the Albanian society is a way to fortify the basic branches of the Association.

22449 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH 44116

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